What is Data Science? 

Data Science is a field that includes various subjects or disciplines. It involves the drawing out of information and knowledge from the data sets. The field encircles the assessment and preparation of data for examination. The term takes us back to 1974, when a known computer scientist, Peter Naur, linked the term to the word “computer science” and explained it as another name for it. Information Science is an area of knowledge that combines lining up skills and apprehension of statistics to provide comprehension from data. Thus, we can say that Data Science is an extension of statistics.


Data Science Implementations in Different Platforms

Many different platforms are used for implementing data scientist to make the data organized. So, different platforms for ds implementation should be explained to people properly. For this purpose, many data scientists use different tools and software that explain the implementation of ds. For achieving success in data sciences implementation, the world needs to progress in the software department. We helps us to combine data in one frame and make it clear. Some of the most used frameworks for ds are discussed below: Learn more about Data Science Training in Pune


  1. Python

Python is considered the main software for data sciences. In the world of data science, we need to have this software to perform better. It is used for programming languages. It makes it easier for data scientists to contact other developers and organizations by making a simple sentence.



MATLAB is not as popular as Python but it has become the second most important and useful tool in programming. Many finance industries and medicine use it for many applications.


  1. Hadoop

Hadoop can be used to store all forms of data; either it is structured or unstructured. This data thus can be used to do analysis.


  1. SQL

SQL is the most requested platform for data scientists. It provides you with data from the database. MySQL and Microsoft SQL are placed in the top three software for data sciences. It allows to store and analyze data s and when required. 


  1. Neo4j

This software is written in Java. It is one of the most rated database making graphs. It uses the graph to explain the analysis of data input into it.


  1. Apache Hive

Hive is said to be an updated version of Hadoop. it is used to provide us with data summaries. it can also answer your queries about any ambiguous data.


  1. RapidMiner

This software is written in Java. This software can be used for writing data and making it able to make machines and modern gadgets. it also explains the aspect of data visualization and data management skills. 



Data science course in Bangalore is a vast subject and requires more attention in a progressing world because it is an emerging field and will be required more in the coming days. There are plenty of platforms that are used to describe Information science and perform perfect analysis of data. The in-depth details for the above-mentioned platforms can be found by visiting their sites.  For more information visit Data Science Training in Chennai



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